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Huachuang told me what is high quality aluminum plate!
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The market demand of aluminum plate industry is growing, which leads to a batch of manufacturers are engaged in the aluminum plate industry, survival of the fittest, many friends are asking in many aluminum plate manufacturers, how to select high-quality aluminum plate? At present, the aluminum plate market is mixed and uneven. How to choose the high-quality aluminum plate suitable for yourself from the linglangman aluminum plate products? With this question, today we have found professionals in the industry. Let the experts answer our questions about the selection of high-quality aluminum plates. I believe they will help you when you choose.

First, look at the outer packaging of the aluminum plate. Good packaging not only shows the strength of aluminum plate manufacturers, willing to pay a large price on product packaging, but also shows that manufacturers pay more attention to product protection. In addition, it also shows that the production management of aluminum plate is in place.

Second, look at the surface of the aluminum plate. The surface of good aluminum plate shall be free of roll marks, black spots, scratches, oil spots, corrosion, fission and other defects; the plate shape shall be flat without obvious bending; the diagonal of single aluminum plate shall be consistent; the whole aluminum plate shall be placed in order, and the length and width of each aluminum plate shall be consistent. If the aluminum plate surface is covered with a protective film, uncover the protective film, at least check the whole width of the plate surface to avoid defects being covered.

Thirdly, measure with micrometer, meter scale, vernier caliper and other measuring tools. According to the needs, select the products provided by aluminum plate manufacturers for evaluation. According to the order of magnitude of the measured size, different measuring tools are selected to measure the thickness, width, length, unevenness, diagonal and other products of the aluminum plate. The specific size deviation can be referred to. Note that the material list must be stamped with the official seal of the manufacturer. If there is any problem in the use of aluminum plate, the material sheet can be used as the basis for testing the aluminum plate, and the quality objection shall be raised like the manufacturer.


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